What is the Faria Method™?


The Faria Method is the result of 28 Years of Experience in Private Practice. It specializes in addressing serious neck and back pain as a result of disc problems. Each  disc in your spine has active disc material and is fully capable of healing itself. The Faria Method helps the disc heal itself by integrating a variety of modalities and techniques with a specific and customized protocol for each case. Back surgery has a 25% success rate. With up to a 95% success rate, The Faria Method has helped thousands of individuals avoid back and neck surgery while drastically improving their quality of life.  The Faria Method is highly successful for those that have already undergone failed back surgery and injections. To find out if the Faria Method can help you, or someone you know, simply give us a call or request the Free Report.

The Faria Method Involves:

– No Pain

– No Injections

– No Surgery

– No Dangerous Pills

– No Long Recovery

– A Very High Success Rate