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Orlando Pain Clinic Explains Common Causes of Leg Pain

Friday, April 12th, 2013

What is causing your leg pain?

Leg PainLeg pain is a very common condition that most people face at some point in their lives. There is an Orlando pain clinic that can provide real relief, no matter what’s causing the pain. Discover the most common causes, and what an Orlando pain clinic can do to help you find relief.

There are many causes of leg pain from muscle strains to degenerative joint disease. One reason for leg pains is that the legs are prone to pain because they provide support and help move the entire body’s weight.

Common sources of leg strains include exercise and repetitive stress on the legs, improperly performed activities or heavy lifting. Most leg pains result from wear and tear, overuse or injuries.

Leg pains such as muscle cramps are caused by muscle fatigue, muscle heat and dehydration. Running and jumping on hard surfaces cause other leg pains such as shin splints, which is caused by a repetitive and overloaded force on muscles and tendons. Even flat feet can cause leg pains.

Other common causes of pain include trauma from broken bones or sprains. Trauma from falls and twisted injuries can damage muscles, bone, and joints.

Also circulatory problems cause leg pains due to blocked arteries and blood clots. These problems are caused by inactivity for long periods of time, overweight, smoking or from medication that increase your chances of developing circulatory problems.

The best ways to relieve your leg pains involve treating the causes of the pain. This involves modifying your lifestyle to improve circulation or nerve health, medications and/or physical therapy. Lifestyle changes means maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercises and quit smoking in order to prevent certain leg problems.

Central Florida Spine and Disc is an Orlando Pain Clinic that can help you find leg pain relief, no matter what its cause. Call (407) 915-3542 for an appointment today.