Free Report – Avoid Back Surgery

Dr. Faria wrote this report to educate the public on why traditional medical and chiropractic care is NOT the answer forserious spinal disc conditions. Traditional medical and chiropractic care does not fix the actual problem. It’s that simple! The Faria Method™ allows the disc to heal and repair with no shots, no drugs, no spinal injections, no pain and no surgery.

  • In this report he reveals the underlying cause of most spinal disc problems and here are a few other topics included that you surely don’t want to miss:
  • Three Signs on Your MRI to Determine the EXACT problem (you don’t have to be a doctor to figure this out…it’s simple as long as you know what you’re looking for.)
  • The 4 Endless Traps Constantly Keeping You In Pain
  • Phenomenon No. 1 vs. Phenomenon No. 2 (you don’t want to miss these concepts)
  • #1 Question to Ask YOUR Medical Provider before Seeking Treatment (Critical!)
  • and so much more.

All of the above topics will be covered in this exclusive report authored by Dr. Dan.

Dr. Faria will also go over the details of the exclusive The Faria Method™ which he created to help people actually fix the underlying cause of their serious disc condition. The Faria Method™ has a 95% success rate for patients who are accepted into the program.

There is NO CHARGE for this report. It will be mailed right away and you should receive it within 1-2 business days.

Here is what you will receive:

  • Detailed Report titled “Avoid Back Surgery!” by Dr. Manuel Faria, DC
  • A specific research article on disc degeneration discussed in the report.
  • Blown-up example of a normal MRI and an abnormal MRI – very helpful!

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