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Have These Symptoms? A Sign You Should Call an Orlando Orthopedic Center

Friday, April 5th, 2013

If you have Diffuse Cervical Bulge do you really need an Orlando Orthopedic Center?

Orlando Orthopedic CenterDealing with your Diffuse Cervical Bulge effectively begins with understanding the condition. The spine is made of 33 vertebrae and 7 of which make up the cervical spine. Discs are located between each vertebrae and it acts as a cushion to help absorb spinal shock. The discs are made of two layers where the outer layer is made up of a fibrosis material and is referred to as the annulus. The inner layer consists of a softer material and is referred to the nucleus.

A diffuse cervical bulge refers to a disc bulge of one of the spinal discs. What causes the disc bulge to occur is when the annulus tears and the softer material of the nucleus protrudes or bulges out of a larger portion of the disc.

The symptoms of a diffuse cervical bulge vary among people. Some may experience little to no discomfort, while others experience severe pain that travels to the shoulder blade, down the arm and into the hands and fingers. Others experience numbness and a tingling sensation of the arms and hands.

All causes of a diffuse cervical bulge have not been found. Some people have weaker discs genetically than others. Some people are just more prone to developing a bulge in their spinal discs. Car accidents, a fall, or heavy lifting can cause injuries and a diffuse cervical bulge.

To confirm whether you do have this condition, you will likely need an MRI of your spine to locate the location of the diffuse cervical bulge. After locating the area, it would be best to treat the area through a non-surgical, non-medicinal, and non-invasive procedure.

There is an Orlando Orthopedic Center that specializes in procedures in treating diffuse cervical bulges. They practice a revolutionary and effective treatment that has outstanding results. These doctors don’t use dangerous surgery. They don’t use medication and don’t use injections to heal their patients.

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