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Got a Diagnosis of Low Back Pain? The 4 Traps that Keep Back Pain Coming Back

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

What you need to know about your diagnosis of low back pain

low back painMany people experience low back pain at some point in life. Bad habits are often the cause of back pain. Other causes of pain include accidents, muscle strains and sports injuries. Although there are many ways to deal with low back pain, there are four traps that may keep your pain coming back.

Low Back Pain Trap #1

When some people suffer from lower back pain, they start by treating themselves through different activities such as exercise, stretching, chiropractic care, over-the-counter pain medications, Pilates and yoga. These activities may work for a few days or weeks (even months) but the pain eventually comes back. And the pain comes back with vengeance.

Low Back Pain Trap #2

Because back pain is the second leading cause of doctor office visits, going to the medical doctor’s office can be non-beneficial. Your doctor will try to take a “better look” at the situation. Your doctor probably doesn’t have the all the appropriate tests to check your lower back pain, and automatically prescribe medications such as muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Eventually you have to go back to the doctor’s office with excruciating lower back pain that has returned.

Low Back Pain Trap #3

Since the pain has returned with a vengeance, the doctor will most likely give you more powerful drugs and will eventually refer you to get spinal injections. As time goes by, you’ll experience a gradual increase of pain as your condition gets worst.

Low Back Pain Trap #4

Since the lower back pain still exists, your medical provider will likely advise you to get an MRI. You may find you have a degenerative disc disease, a bulging, herniated, or ruptured disc. You might even have spinal stenosis and arthritis. Because of the MRI, your doctor will probably refer you to a neurologist or a neurosurgeon. The issue is now that the neurosurgeon will not operate on you until your back gets worse.

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